Thursday, June 10, 2010


 Gigantic webs that are built between trees !!  and the spiders that could be spotted even from the the distance of 50 meters!!
yeah am talking about spiders found in bhadra forest. That's how big they are!! These spiders are really big , some of these can oversize your palm. I tried very much to gather information about these fabulous spiders but i dint get any!! If u know any info please share with me. Help me to extend this post.
Spiders were mostly in dense forest areas. I managed to get these picture in macro mode. Some of the spiders were upside down which made me to use manual focusing and even glares behind the spiders can be seen because of that(in below pictures).

 Mostly these spiders rely on butterflies and such insects for the food. These spiders are not seen in dry seasons that much.
Its really amazing to see a spider building a web between the trees. Man! these made me very curious about mother nature. The story goes 6 to 7 years back when my friend had got his 2 wheeler. We used to travel a lot in the weekends we started to visit bhadra forest which  was about 20 to 30kms from our town. That was amazing  " a real silence.. sometimes chirping of some colorful birds and these gigantic spider webs by the side of the mud road. Cloudy days with mansoon showers made this place magical. I was amazed by the size and color of these spiders. From that day i started observing more and more while i was in forest".
those observations helped me to trace such  things to photograph.
Sometimes i think such observations are needed in photography. Buying costly cameras and riding in safari jeeps wouldnt help.

  I'l post more pictures of the spiders in few days. Leave some comments that would help. thank u.

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  1. I believe they are Golden silk orb-weaver spiders. Here's a wikipedia link:

    All ur pictures are great! :)

  2. Hi Sir,
    It is tough to a wild photographer and tougher to be in India. I love some of you work and like the last one spider snap the most.
    I also have a little collection of natural photography on my blog, so kindly have a look and give some guidance or suggestions from you wast experience.

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    Glad to see spider's photographs.The cobwebs are simply amazing.
    Good shot!!!

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  6. heyy..
    nyc clicks..
    the green snake pic was great.. it seemed as if it was laughing..
    great job..
    keep it up..

  7. Wow!!! such a nice Indian Wildlife Photography. Thank you for sharing this post.

  8. these are Nephila pilipes spider commonly found in Indian forests.