Thursday, October 28, 2010

Green Vine - part 3

   I don't know why, but i feel like posting more and more pictures of green vine snakes (also you can see the previous posts if u haven't ,click here). Such a beautiful snake, they are in huge numbers in westren ghats of India but sadly there are getting killed in the road accidents. Fragmented forests lead to the crossing of roads, unfortunately they get hit by speeding vehicles.
  Once i went to aagumbe  to visit ARRS(Aagumbe Rainforest Research Station). On the way to the ARRS, i was enjoying the nature walk in the forest, suddenly a green vine appeared on the muddy path and picked it up at that instant. Man! it was furious! Here is the evidence.

  Many times it tried to bite me in defense, so i took a stick near by and picked up the snake on it. I was lucky, i got the moment like this to capture but my point ant shoot camera failed to focus correctly, instead the focus point is little far away from the head.
  I have heard a lot about these snakes eating small birds, but never believed it. Actually i got to see how big they can open their mouth and yeah they can eat a small bird !!

  Read my previous posts to learn more about green vines. Don't miss ARRS if you visit Aagumbe  in future. They give very good information about wildlife, westren ghats and it's biodiversity.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Indian Macaque

what was this male macaque thinking?
 Scroll through the blog you will get to know.


  Any rocky mountainous place with few tourists, there they are, macaque monkeys. 
For some tourists they are nuisance. Most of the time they steal food for their living in those places. But i enjoy taking   pictures of them. They actually respond like humans while taking photographs.

 Once i went to see shivanasamdra falls which is nearer to bangalore( about 100kms), fabulous place by the way. I got the opportunity to observe their behaviors closely. A dominant male(in the above pic) was heading a group. I followed them and i was very happy that i was getting good pictures of them ,suddenly a monkey grabbed the potato chips i was eating, yeah they eat anything that they encounter. Snails to lays.

Group head was sitting alone silently for a while (above pic) after few min this happened(below pic).

 Group head was mating one of the female in the group.I rushed to that place as it was rare scene and took some pictures of it thinking, in 4 to 5 months there may be a new member to that family.offsprings/younger monkeys are the center of attraction in the family. All the females take care of the baby even if they are not the birth mothers, they bond each other,similar to humans. Males protect the family from other group of monkeys.that could be a violent scene. They even fight to death in such situations.

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 Wildlife and artistic photographs that i publish in this blog are copyrighted.
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