Tuesday, March 15, 2011


 This photo shoot was very special to me,it was my first DSLR camera and it was my first wild cat sighting in my life. I now own a canon 60d by the way.
It was a lucky day, perhaps a very lucky one. But i did not know how to operate my first DSLR camera properly! yes, believe me i wasted half of the time setting the exposures in the manual mode. Just try to imagine the situation,probably the leopard was irritated to see me struggling with my camera.
 Anyhow i had a fine 8-10 minutes to shoot this magnificent beast, till a group of  Langurs drove the leopard crazy and it just disappeared in to the woods.

  This is the very first photo that i took when the jeep driver spotted the leopard and stopped the vehicle close enough to get shot like these. Its a magical experience to see the beast in the wild with soothing silence around. According to forest guards this beauty is approx 2 years old.

 Leopard seemed surprisingly cool when we stopped our vehicle and i was the one to become all nervous. It was a very good experience.

leopard getting irritated by langurs
Soon a gang of langur monkeys arrived  towards us and made the situation worse, above pic was the moment when leopard spotted the langurs. I don't know why langurs do that, the leopard was just relaxing at that time and it had not intention of hunting i guess. Soon it got irritated and tried to change the spot and it did not help anything to stop langurs from screaming.

some of the pictures are cropped, as my lens was not reaching the leopard fully. you know as they say nothing is sufficient to shoot wildlife.

It disappeared into the forest, before that, it gave a glance towards us, like saying good bye. It was magical, blew my mind right away. My mind was like "oh man!! wonderful, this is my life i belong here, who cares about my engineering degree? ". Who would have thought such experience could happen by bunking the classes for a whole week! totally worth it.... 
A final good bye from the cat

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