Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Jackal Story

 How do i put those experiences in words?
 A feeling that i get when an animal jumps out of a nearby shrubs and disappears into the vast forest leaving back that death silence behind! You got to be there to feel those goose bumps you would get !! Such secret unseen life of these creatures compels me to discover more about them. We could learn a lot about them if we could roam in the dense forests like nomads. Of course we are not in that era anymore, to roam around a dense forest with out forest department's permission.

 Here is an interesting story which could possibly picture such an experience. As usual, several rounds of chit chats were done in the early morning, gradually we were losing it. Felt bored to see such silence, several times i stopped my bike and glanced around, nothing not a damn thing moved around, summer is a hard season for the wild life. Forest seemed lifeless till i noticed an animal which was similar to a dog, relaxing on a rock! It was a Jackal.

With in a second jackal noticed us too. Clock started ticking in my mind (funny how i always start estimating how much time left to take picture of an animal expecting that it will run away soon). I was right, it felt uncomfortable to see us, "the stalkers". It got up. i noticed its milk filled breast! started imagining things like capturing its pup's images near its den ( :P ).


                            The moment when it started noticing us.

Lantenas did what it could to resist us from entering into forest, but in vain. As we passed the shrubs, i saw a clean jungle which was 'meant to be' place for wildlife. Was very happy that i found something that day and we settled down with camouflage tent like structure hoping to see that jackal again ( with its pups :P ) Hours passed.. I woke up! from a hour long sleep, felt lost and scared my self for a while.
As always fantasies doesn't come true, we came out of that forest portion with nothing.

 O boy! that dog which was following us from the previous village started chasing the jackal out of that forest portion. I had thought that jackal left that portion as we entered it. surprised!!  remembered Poorna Chandra Tejaswi's explanation about the jungle and wildlife's behavior.

 All these happened in seconds, it left us speechless for a while, we just smiled at each other after the forest resumed its death silence.

PS: please do not mail me asking high resolution pictures, as i have less reach with my 300mm lens, these are low resolution cropped pictures.

Shot with Canon EOS 60D and Sigma 70-300mm telephoto.

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